Castings of various manufacturing methods

Using different casting processes (e.g. lost wax, gravity die and sand casting), we offer our customers the right casting for almost any desired application. This results in non-ferrous, steel or stainless steel components with high dimensional accuracy even in complex geometries.


Procedures at a glance


Lost wax process

Disposable wax mould


  • High Precision – suitable for filigree, complex geometries

  • Production from smallest runs up to medium series

  • Detailed executions, also possible with back tapers


Die casting


  • Reusable mould

  • Suitable for low material thickness (high precision)

  • Suitable for medium and large series (high output)


Sand casting


  • Cost-effective manufacturing process

  • Suitable for single-part production and prototypes

  • Short lead times, low tool costs


Quality put into shape

MB metal components prove themselves with precision in every piece – since 1954. Have a look at our product overview!

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